Hair Color

All over color: For virgin hair or for previously colored hair that needs to be refreshed to bring some luster into the hair.
$120 &up

Roots Touch-Up: Touching Up the regrowth hair with the desired shade

Glazing: Clear glaze put onto the hair to bring some shine and softness to dull looking hair


Base Color & Highlights: Touching up the roots with color and add partial foil on the top
Partial  $160
Full foil $200

 Base Color & Balayage: Root touch up and add some highlights by Freehand painting to achieve the sun kissed highlight effect

Full Foil: Hair weaved and painted then packed into a foil on full head

Partial Foil: Same technic as full foil but applied on partial front of the head

Balayage Freehand color painting technic to achieve a soft highlights that blend seamlessly into your natural hair color
Partial  $150 &up
Full  $200