I lived in Tucson for 2 years and absolutely fell in love with my Ouidad stylist down there. So much in fact, that for 3 years after moving back to Phoenix, I was trekking down to Tucson whenever I needed a haircut.
After my normal stylist had no weekend availability for a few months, I considered taking a day off work to go to Tucson, and finally decided enough was enough and looked for a Ouidad stylist in Phoenix.
I was super excited when I found Dream Curls I’m Old Town since it was so close to me. A 6 minute drive to get a haircut instead of 2 hours? Sold!
I was still nervous because it’s already hard to leave a trusted stylist and put your faith in a new one, especially when you have super curly hair.
I’m so glad I gave this place a chance a year ago. Mimi is fantastic and what she does, and my curls look amazing. I also love that I can book appointments online. It makes it so much easier for me.
If you have curly hair, look no further for a salon and book an appointment here immediately.